Pushing Positive Music in the Wake of Violence

Check out this news story from Fox 6 in Milwaukee featuring a local positive rapper named Andre Lee.  He continues to push his positive rap lyrics to help put an end to violence in the city.  There had been 20 shootings over the previous 7 days, some fatal, including 14-year-old Tariq Akbar and 13-year-old Giovonnie Cameron.  We need more artists dedicated to “evoking positive change in society through music” like Andre Lee!  Hopefully he can get his message out to the people in his community and help bring change to his city.

Music Is Therapeutic

I came across this video via an article on Huffington Post, and had to share it.  As you see in the video, the mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s, but as her son plays the guitar and sings to her she is instantly filled with joy and smiles all over.  Although she has a hard time remembering things and people, the music still brought her happiness.

Music has the power to heal, maybe not physically, but it can definitely soothe the soul and lighten the heart.  I’ve heard many stories of artists singing for a family member or friend who may be in a nursing home, hospital or even hospice.  The music takes them to a place mentally and spiritually that at times they don’t even feel the pain, all they feel is joy and peace.  Sometimes that’s all a person needs when dealing with certain ailments.  Some music to lift their spirits and provide them with a time of relaxation and enjoyment in the midst of their situation.

Here’s a challenge to you for 2015, take some time to visit a family member, friend or even someone you don’t know that may be dealing with a sickness or other physical ailment.  If you sing, sing for them.  If you play an instrument, play for them.  If you don’t do either, ask a friend who does to visit with you for 30 minutes or so.  You’ll be amazed at how the music you provide can lift the spirits of another.

Music Video Inspires Campaign to Aid Sexually Abused

“Every 107 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted”

This is an example of music being used as a platform to bring awareness to issues affecting our society everyday.  Read more about this video here on Rapzilla.com and the No More Secrets campaign. The movement aims to raise awareness and encourage victims of sexual abuse to open up and find help. DontKeepSecrets.org will offer resources for victims that include a hotline and outlet to share their stories.

Educate Our Men

Check out this video by MC Lyte featuring Common and 10Beats.  This song is the anthem for #EducateOURMen, which is the signature scholarship initiative of MC Lyte’s Hip Hop Sisters Foundation, which has presented two $100,000 university scholarships during the Soul Train Music Awards Red Carpet Pre-Show each year since the organization’s founding.

I must say that I am saddened that this video has only 25,000 views so far.  The sad truth is that if it contained naked women, and the song was about guns, drugs and sex, it would probably have 1 million hits by now.  Please help spread this positive message.  How much better could the world be if more messages like this got out to the masses.  Support foundations like these that have been created to help educate our young men.

Click here to support the #EducateOURMen movement.

Christian Rapper Injured being a good Samaritan, Needs Our Support!

Aaron McCain

Aaron McCain, known as “Canon”, is a Christian Hip-Hop Artist from Atlanta, signed to Reflection Music Group.  He was injured during an attempt to rescue the driver of a vehicle that had just been in a car accident.  You can read the details of the incident as is was reported on The Leaf-Chronicle.

“McCain will have his jaw wired shut for about a month and undergo three to five months of rehab.  He will have to take time off touring and multiple shows”, says Jacob Maikish, CEO of Reflection Music Group.  Canon is a full-time recording artist and earns his living from touring and product sales.  As you can imagine, his family will most likely be impacted by his time away from the studio, stage and ministry.  The Leaf-Chronicle also reports: Donations are being collected at http://bit.ly/donatemccain.  Anyone with a Paypal account can send donation to the account at donatemccain@gmail.com through Paypal.com.  We are praying for Canon, his family and his speedy recovery.

To fellow musicians/artists/producers who know what it’s like to grind it out touring and in the studio to provide for you family, please donate whatever you can to assist the McCain family as Canon starts his road to recovery.  I had the opportunity to meet Canon at 2014 SXSW, and am good friends with a few artists that know him very well.  They speak highly of his character, and his talent is undeniable.  This young man has dedicated his life to spreading the word of God through his music, and risked his life to save a stranger.  Let’s spread the word and do what we can to help support him and his family.  God Bless!




Christmas Medley by RESOUND

It is the week of Christmas so I wanted to share this video by singing group RESOUND.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!

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